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Mirror Silver Coloured Contact Lenses

Mirror Silver Coloured Contact Lenses

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The Mirror Silver Coloured Contact Lenses are part of our costume range. The shiny finish makes them perfect for fantasy costumes and cosplay. Available here as a non-prescription pair with a 1-Day Daily or 30 Day duration.


Duration 1 Day or 30 DAY
Colour Silver
Quantity 2 Per Pack (Pair)
Diameter 14
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 55%
Made From Terpolymer
Prescription / Corrective Lens No
Style Novelty

Before Use

CHECKING CONTACT LENSES: Upon receipt, ensure that all lens
packaging is sealed and intact. Always check:

(1.) Blister Packs-the contact lens blister packs should be sealed,
and have no visible perfo[1]rations. Signs of a broken
seal include leaked storage fluid and dried-out contact lenses.

(2.) Contact Lenses – ensure that there are no rips or other damage
to the contact lens. Any unexpected residue or visible build upon the lens could
be a sign of contamination.

If you have any concerns regarding the condition of the contact
lenses, then do not attempt to wear them.

PREPARING CONTACT LENSES: Wash & dry hands (with unscented
soap) before handling contact lenses. Always soak lenses in eye care solution for
at least two hours before attempting to wear them. Before insertion, examine the
lenses to make sure that they are not inside out. Ensure contacts do not come into
contact with any other cosmetics or makeup

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